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Rebar straight thread sleeve
Rebar straight thread sleeve
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Yabo reinforced connecting sleeve has advantage of high strength, fast connection speed, strong applicability, high construction efficiency, material saving, energy saving, economic etc. The rebar connecting sleeve is suitable for various steel reinforced connection engineering. The product has passed inspection of National construction engineering quality supervision and inspection center, all items are conformed to the standards.
The material is not lower than performance 45 carbon structural steel, its mechanical properties, chemical composition conforms to the GB699 Standard, the bending bearing capacity and tensile strength standard value are over 1.10 times than the bearing capacity of equivalent reinforced steel bar connection. The joint tensile strength of connected rebar is greater than rebar itself, at least 0.9 times of rebar.Thread precision is according to Standard GB197, steel sleeve inside thread 6H, thread head 7g class, tooth surface roughness Ra value is 6.3um, the surface roughness of other machining parts Ra value is 12.5um. Surface anti-rust, no oil, no crack, no black leather and other defects. There are plastic protective Plugs at both ends of thread holes.
Usage: Rebar peeled rib rolling straight thread connection is one type of rebar connections. Cutting off the end of longitudinal ribs and transverse ribs of rebars to be connected, then rolling into ordinary straight thread, and connect rebars by straight thread sleeves. Rebar peeled rib rolling straight thread connection technology is the pioneering inventions at home and abroad, reaches international advance level.Peel rid rolling straight thread connection technology is an efficient, convenient, and fast construction method, its Advantage of energy consumption, high efficiency, stable quality and reliable connection has got high praised construction units and owners of all ages. It is a new product of straight thread connection technology.
Rebar connecting sleeve can greatly reduce the use of materials, operation is simple, and not restricted by steel bar material.
It can be prefabricated in advance, does not occupy project duration, high processing efficiency.
Connecting is convenient, quickly, simply. Construction does not need electricity, not effected by weather, all-weather construction can be done.
It can be connected with horizontal, vertical, and oblique HRB335, HRB400 steel bars with the same diameter or reducing.
Service support:
Providing straight thread Φ16-40mm steel bars connecting sleeves
Providing reinforced straight thread processing equipment
Providing operation train and equipment maintenance service on site.
Φ16-40mm common rebar connecting sleeve
Reducing rebar connecting sleeve
Adjustable rebar sleeve connection
Special type rebar connecting sleeve.

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