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HGS-40KZ straight thread rolling machine
HGS-40KZ straight thread rolling machine    Tel:+86013103189173  +86-318-5825220
HGS-40KZ straight thread rolling machine is a new machine developed from previous generations.    View details...
Rebar upsetting machine
Rebar upsetting machine    Tel:+86013103189173  +86-318-5825220
HDCJ-32S automatic double cylinder upsetting machine is designed for pre-processing steel bar connection.    View details...
Right and Left Thread Rebar Coupler
Right and Left Thread Rebar Coupler    Tel:+86013103189173  +86-318-5825220
These have standard right-hand threads on one side & reverse (left-hand) threads on the other rebar.    View details...
Reducing rebar coupler
Reducing rebar coupler    Tel:+86013103189173  +86-318-5825220
Reducing rebar coupler is used to join reinforcing bars with different thread diameters. With all the benefits of the Standard range,Transition couplers, reducing couplers comprises an internally thre   View details...
HGS-40DZ straight thread rolling machine
HGS-40DZ straight thread rolling machine    Tel:+86013103189173  +86-318-5825220
HGS-40DZ straight thread rolling machine is developed on KGS-40D, it improves electrical control system, increases automation, save operation time and labor, raise work efficiency.    View details...
HGS-40DSstraight thread rolling machine
HGS-40DSstraight thread rolling machine    Tel:+86013103189173  +86-318-5825220
HGS-40DSstraight thread rolling machine is designed in 2011, its head part is added a helix angle device, then the effective length of processing thread head can reach 100mm, the upper and lower threa   View details...
HGS-40D straight thread rolling machine
HGS-40D straight thread rolling machine    Tel:+86013103189173  +86-318-5825220
HGS-40D straight thread rolling machine is overall improved appearance on KGS-40B type. More easily operation and thread. More robust body. Appearance simple and generous    View details...
Wrench    Tel:+86013103189173  +86-318-5825220
Wrench   View details...
GoNo go Gage
GoNo go Gage    Tel:+86013103189173  +86-318-5825220
GoNo go Gage   View details...
Gear    Tel:+86013103189173  +86-318-5825220
Gear   View details...

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